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The Breakfast Club (1985)
Director: John Hughes
Cast: Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy.
Run Time: 97 minutes

One of the best 80's movie the movie is about five students, a jock, a princess, a misfit, a nerd, and a lout have weekend detention. Not much in common, except for having to give up their day, sit in the school library, and write an essay for the principal. Being from such widely different backgrounds and having such completely different personalities, it's inevitable that some frictions and shenanigans develop. After smoking some marijuana, they pour their hearts out to each other, and tell about their fears, secrets, and their deepest emotions, and problems.

Could appear simple teen flix, but it is not. This is movie in which you have to concentrate because it is only base in the characters and the dialogue. The director was a real genius to make movie just base in that without getting boring and monotonous. The dialogue are clever, the direction is great, the cast is perfect and the acting is excellent. Probably this movie will appear outdated to younger viewers but the only thing "outdated" is the clothing styles and the music. What made this movie really special its that it doesn't matter what year you went to high school or what school you even went to, there will always be a "criminal", a "jock", a "princess", a "nerd", and a "basket case".

5/5 Platains.

Where do I even begin? If there ever was a movie that changed my life, this was it and in more than one way.

For starters the screenplay should be taught in school across the world, as it portrays the real life engagements we all face everyday with money and capitalism marking the every step we take. And lets not even go to vanity, cause thats a whole different chapter.

So, the review. The technical aspects in this movie in my opinion are remarkable and the cinematography is very detail oriented in the grotescly genious conception designed for this film, where every bit of humanity is zoomed into for your enjoyment. The screenplay, again, is genious (Big ups to James Uhls!!!, although I'm still wondering what did you smoke to write "Jumper"???) and is actually an adaptation for a novel by Chuck Palahniuk). Eventhough I admit this isn't the kind of movie that would be considered for an Academy Award (Although it was nominated for Achivements in Sound/FX) the portrayals of Edward Norton as Voice Over and Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden where excellent and complemented the story very well. 
Helena Bonham Carter was also very good in her duties as the lover for both guys.

Director David Finsher, the same guy from Se7en, really hit the nail with this film, that I invite you all to give a shot. You wont regret it.

4/5 Platains


The success of Harry Potter, Narnia, and The Lord of the Rings, have spawned a fever for the adaptation of fantasy best-sellers. The most recent adaptation is "The Spiderwick Chronicles".

Peculiar things start to happen the moment the Grace family (Jared, his twin brother Simon, sister Mallory and their mom) leave New York and move into the secluded old house owned by their great, great uncle Arthur Spiderwick. Unable to explain the strange disappearances and accidents that seem to be happening on a daily basis, the family blames Jared. When he, Simon and Mallory investigate what’s really going on, they uncover the fantastic truth of the Spiderwick estate and the creatures that inhabit it.

Although the success of "The Spiderwick Chronicles" did fall short in comparison to other films in the same genre, it did offer some fun and entertainment for the entire family. The pace is fast, and as in previews movies of its genre, the CGI are great and continues to be to focal point.

4/5 plantains

Disaster movies has been very common in movie industry, New York City did not scape from this genre. We have seen several time how this city has been destroyed in the big screen. There exist dozen of movies in which it is attacked by monsters, aliens, terrorist or devastated by a plague or a natural disaster. The most recently is "Cloverfield", in which NY is attacked by an unknown giant creature. Other examples are:

"King Kong" (1930)
First movie in which NY is attacked, even thought, he just destroyed an elevated subway train.

"When the World Collide"(1951)
When a group of astronomers calculate a star is on a course to slam into Earth, a few days before, it's accompanying planet will first pass close enough to the Earth to cause havoc on land and sea. They set about building a rocket so a few selected individuals can escape to the planet. In this movie the gravity goes haywire and torrents of seawater crash down on the skyscrapers of Manhattan. By the way, a remake is coming soon.

"Planet of the Apes" (1968)
In the final scene, the damaged Statue of Liberty half-buried in the beach. He realizes that he has been on Earth all along and that humanity has been destroyed, clearing the way for the supremacy of the apes.

"Soylent Green" (1973)
A tale of Earth in despair in 2022. Natural food like fruits, vegetables, and meat among others are now extinct. Earth is overpopulated and New York City has 40 million starving, poverty stricken people. The only way they survive is with water rations and eating a mysterious food called Soylent. A detective investigates the murder of the president of the Soylent company. The truth he uncovers is more disturbing than the Earth in turmoil when he learns the secret ingredient of Soylent Green.

In this movie the WTC building get hit by one of the meteors.

"Escape from New York" (1981)
In the future, crime is out of control and New York City is a maximum security prison. Grabbing a bargaining chip right out of the air, convicts bring down the President's plane in bad old Gotham. Gruff Snake Plissken, a one-eyed lone warrior new to prison life, is coerced into bringing the President, and his cargo, out of this land of undesirables. By the way, a remake is coming soon too.

"2019:After the Fall of New York" (1983)
This Italian movie is set after a nuclear war, society breaks down into two groups, the evil Euraks and the rebel Federation. A mercenary named Parsifal is hired by the Federation to infiltrate New York City, which is controlled by the Euraks, to rescue the only fertile woman left on Earth.

Another movie from the Italian set in the year 2025, in which a horrible nuclear holocaust during World War III has left New York City, among others, irradiated and decrepit, but not abandoned.

"Ghostbuster I and II"(1989)
Not destroyed but the city under attack by ghosts but the Ghost buster saved it.

"Independence Day "(1996)
Giant alien spaceships hover over, and then destroy, New York and other major world cities.

"Marz Attacks" (1996)
When Martians begin to attack the Earth, several groups of people must try to survive. I

At the beginning meteorites flattens a couple of famous building and skyscrapers as well as damage to other.

"Deep Impact"(1998)
The smaller of two pieces of a comet hits the Atlantic Ocean, creating a mega-tsunami that destroys the East Coast of the United States.

New York is under attack by giant reptilian monster.

"A.I" (2001)
New York is submerged and in ruins as a result of global warming.

"Time Machine"(2002)
A young scientist travels into the future and finds the Eloi, a race of hunter-gatherers, living in podlike cliffside dwellings in what looks like Manhattan. He is shown a collection of fragments from old New York, including a sign from Tiffany & Company and a section of mosaic tiles from the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall subway station.

"The Core" (2003)
The molten core of the Earth has stopped spinning, with disastrous implications for life on the planet.

"The Day After Tomorrow"(2004)
New York, along with most of the northern hemisphere, is frozen over when temperatures plunge, triggered by climate change.

"War of the World"( 2005)
The early scenes of this Tom Cruise picture are set in Bayonne, N.J. The destruction of New York City by aliens is more implied than depicted.

"I Am Legend"(2007)
It is the year 2012. In the ruins of New York city. Robert Neville who is a military scientist who is the lone survivor of a biochemical disease which was supposed to cure cancer 3 years previous. With only blood thirsty zombies as his neighbors and his trusty dog, Samantha, Robert is trying to discover a cure for this disease and to find out any other people who might have also survived.

One thing I assure, we will continue receiving destruction movies from Hollywood with improve special effects and bigger budgets . Why?.... because people loves to this kind of movies (including me) and this genre has potential at the box office.

Feel free to add any other movie in which New York City is destroy or attack.


Finally I had the chance to see this movie in which New York is again destroyed and everything is captured from the perspective of hand held video camera. The movie is exactly the length of a DV Tape and a sub-plot is established by showing bits and pieces of video previously recorded on the tape that is being recorded over. The movie starts as a monster of unknown origin destroys a building. As five friends go to investigate, parts of the building and the head of the Statue of Liberty come raining down. The movie follows their adventure trying to escape and save a love interest of the main character that is trap in her apartment.

The concept is not new; It is a mix between "Godzilla" and "Blair Witch Project". The fact that it is recorded in this way made it more realistic. Some people said that they felt dizzy with the cam shaking but I didn't feel that way. The movies' length is 85 minutes but I found it shorter because it is entertaining. It delivers good tension moments as well as creepy one. The actors are not well know but offers a believable performances. I have to admit that I was expecting a little more that I even stayed sat in my seat when the credits rolled but overall it was good I was thinking about giving it a 3 but than I changed my mind for the actual rating because it is different from other monster movies.

3 1/2 out of 5 Platains.

Thelma & Louise

Directors: Ridley Scott
Actors: Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, Christopher McDonald
Run Time: 129 minutes

Louise is working in a fast food restaurant as a waitress and has some problems with her friend Jimmy, who, as a musician, is always on the road. Thelma is married to Darryl who likes his wife to stay quiet in the kitchen so that he can watch football on TV. One day they decide to break out of their normal life and jump in the car and hit the road. Their journey, however, turns into a flight when Louise kills a man who threatens to rape Thelma. They decide to go to Mexico, but soon they are hunted by American police.


This cult classic female power movie, "Thelma and Louise", is well directed by Oscar winning director, Ridley Scott. The characters are exceptionally written, the chemistry between Gena Davis and Susan Sarandon is over the top, the script fascinating and as well as the ending.

5/5 platains.

So finally I was able to see this movie, which by the way is hell long, so I suggest you catch the early showing if it'd bothered you to come out of the theater at around 12.30 AM.

The film is great, the story is great, the acting is wonderfull for Denzel, so-so for Russell, but in general, this is definetly one of the best films by Ridley Scott. What's best of this film? Like 95% of it is true, as this is a bio-pic for real-life gangster Frank Lucas. And we do find it appealing that it was Denzel Washington who played him, as for some reason this role came naturally for him, as if it wasn't acting. I would even go farther down the road and dare to say I liked this portrayal better than Daniel Day-Louis' Daniel Plainview in "The Will Be Blood".

Shots are great and the ending is very dramatic, especially the scene at the church, just right before the trial. I really do think this film was a bit under-rated in favor of others, but with that said, I still haven't seen "No Country", so I guess I have to wait.

Definetly a must. 4 Platains, just for the late showing in over 2 and a half hours.


Well, on my first delivery of movies to see before you die, I think this is one of the great masterpieces of our time. Its a really dark film with an even darker sense of self, this movie I think defined a genre during a time in which not many options existed withing the suspense/drama rankings. If there was a film that defined the early 90's, that film is Seven.

It stars Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, as two cops investigating a series of crimes that recreate the seven deadly sins, eventually leading to a epitomic ending. This is one of Brad's first leading roles, probably the one that put him on the spot as a star. Not to mention, it stars the scariest Kevin Spacey since the usual suspects, which was premiered weeks before this one.

Award-wise, the film didn't load up much, earning nominations for Best Editing at the academy Awards, and it won that year's MTV Movie Award for Best Movie. Which definetly sets this film appart, since it really was a hit on the box office (it earned US$100 Million) but it didn't really make the cross-over push needed to fit the style of movies that win awards. Nonetheless, it is a truly beautiful film shot excellently and it keeps your face stuck to that tv until the very end as it is in my opinion very well writen.

Give it a try, cause I think this film is right up the with the 5 Platain greats of all time.


You are a wanderer with
amazing strength.
You are Hulk

Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
Iron Man
The Flash

This is the our first post named "You Should See Before you Die!!" . We are going to recommend great classic or simply so good moviez that you shouldn't go to the grave without seeing them. The moviez will be from different genre and decade. Obviouly!! All the recommendations have been seen by us. Maybe most of them you have been seen by you or heard about them or maybe not. You will be able to rent them in DVD Clubs and others on the net. But It doesn't matter the way you use to get them; what really matter is that you see them.

Psycho (1960)
Directed by Alfred Hitckcock
Format: Black & White
Rating: R
Run Time: 109 minutes

Phoenix officeworker Marion Crane is fed up with the way life has treated her. She has to meet her lover Sam in lunch breaks and they cannot get married because Sam has to give most of his money away in alimony. One Friday Marion is trusted to bank $40,000 by her employer. Seeing the opportunity to take the money and start a new life, Marion leaves town and heads towards Sam's California store. Tired after the long drive and caught in a storm, she gets off the main highway and pulls into The Bates Motel. The motel is managed by a quiet young man called Norman who seems to be dominated by his mother.

This is one of my favorite movies. It is consider a masterpiece; one of the greatest movies ever made; the best Hitchcock's thriller/horror movie. The shower killing scene is a classic. Excellent and stylish direction, acting, photographic, soundtrack and a flawless story.

5/5 Platains

Just when you thought he was part of the 80's action heroes; Sly brought back "Rambo", as he did with "Rocky" in 2007. This time John Rambo has withdrawn into a simple and secluded existence in Thailand, where he spends his time capturing snakes for local entertainers, and chauffeuring locals in his old PT boat. Even though he is looking to avoid trouble, trouble has a way of finding him: a group of Christian human rights missionarie approach Rambo with the desire to rent his boat to travel up the river to Burma. For over fifty years, Burma has been a war zone. The Karen people of the region, who consist of peasants and farmers, have endured brutally oppressive rule from the murderous Burmese military and have been struggling for survival every single day. After some inner contemplation, Rambo accepts the offer and takes the missionaries up the river. When the missionaries finally arrive at the Karen village, they find themselves part of a raid by the sadistic Major Pa Tee Tint and a slew of Burmese army men. A portion of the villagers and missionaries are tortured and viciously murdered, while Tint and his men hold the remainder captive. Concerned by their disappearance, the minister in charge of the mission gathers a group of mercenaries and pleads Rambo transport them with his boat, since he knows their last exact location. But Rambo can't stay behind: he joins the team where he belongs, to liberate the survivors from the clutches of Major Tint in what may be one of his deadliest missions ever.

I admit I was not planning to see this movie because I didn't like that much First Blood II and hated First Blood III. From the trailer this movie looked bad to me bad, I was just attracted for the gore scenes. So, I decided to checked it with a low expectation and what a surprise! Better than I was expecting. As the tag line says " Heroes never die.... They just reload." this installment is literally reload (Rated R). It is the most brutal, goriest and cruelest movie of this franchise. The story is simple but solid, and works on several levels. This is a must see for any person looking for some great action, it doesn't take long at all to get to it. For an action flick, it's a pretty good movie! For a Rambo fan, it is just plain awesome. Personally I found this movie very best after the "First Blood". Gore fans will love it!

3/5 platains.


This is probably one of the films of the year. It's an independent production by Vantage Paramount (The same company that brought us "No Country for Old Men") and you must not judge it by its dire ticket of only 37 Million in revenue, you must by the artistic plot of this adapted screenplay form the novel "Oil!" by Upton Sinclaire (1927) and because of the excellent work while portraying their character that Mr. Daniel Day Louis and Mr. Paul Dano (Who I dare say was overlooked in this film by the DDL lovers), as they present to you the most vile, downright human expressions of greed, manipulation and power hunger, in the 2 hour something film. Excellent work guys! And here is why:

(I suggest not seeing the video if you haven't seen the movie).

The movie is set throughout 1898-1927, following the life of a Daniel Plainview and his son H. W., through his work, first as a miner (i thought gold, but the yahoo review says silver) and tehn his accidental journey into the oil business. This brings him to meet his antagonist through the film, a preacher called Eli Sunday (As if the movie wasn't redneck enough) and from there the story picks up and whatever kind of issue you might be able to think of. I though the storyline could have been faster for a 2 and half hour movie, but then again I'm a lawyer, not a film expert, so I might have missed something all along. The ending could not have been any better, I thought it was marvelous and very entertaining.

The musical score was great. It added great drama to the scenes and underlined the feeling you where supposed to feel at every moment, much like what i said in Atonement, but this time much more darker, as the film is to. Also, the cinematrography here is amazing, reviving the old american west and its rural beauty before the camera lens: Astonishing.

Now, I haven't seen "No Country" or "American Ganster" and I don't know Johnny's opinion on these films, but so far, this one earned every bit of every award it was nominated and awarded this past award season. My only regret is that Paul Dano didn't get more credit for his work.

4 Platains, only cause it could've had a faster pace.



It seems as if i don't have any luck lately with movies. You might remember what I wrote about last week. Well, similar case, slightly more serious, obviously more expensive, but down at the end: Another crappy movie.

I saw Jumper, its and action thriller based on a boy who was "abandoned" by his mother at the age of five and was raised by his drunk father. Usual heroe story: Skinny underdog who suddenly discovers he has great power, but with the difference that here, the protagonist is some sort of anti-heroe, who just benefits at will from the use of his power (Dumb and Dummer, anybody?), and has a very keen taste for suits, kudos there ma' boy!

Other than that, Hayden Christensen reminds me why those other little films he stared weren't THAT good. I thought it was a George Lucas factor, but boy was I wrong. He is slighty more humane, but his lines are spoken in a lame, dead and boring tone, which im starting to think is his normal tone of voice, not a request by Mr. Lucas.

Story is kinda sloppy too, special FX are a rip of from X2 and there is one line form Spider Man (Think "With great power..." speech form uncle Ben), which makes me wonder if the authors of this story had any other interest than to: 1) Rip off good movies; 2) Rip off good lines; 3) Bore us to death with their rip offs.

Diane Lane was seen like 3 times in the whole film for less than 2 minutes, none of which made any more sense than the other, save that to make a point that mother and son are the probervial enemies (Alas "The Patriot", XMen with Charles and Magnus, etc.). Whats worse? There's bound to be a sequel, as the ending was the usual "No answers, More questions" Trilogy crap, and we all know how Hollywood love$ tho$e film$ (I, however, wouldn't bet on this little jumper).

I'll be kind as I think what the movie lacked was a better revision of the script, something that would be shorter and more eye-catching, as the general idea is good (as it is not original) but it could have been.

2 platains, for effort.


Well, I don't even know where to begging. I've been thinking of what to say since last night, but I was left speechless.

I went to see "American Ganster" and it wasn't there, so it was this or a missed phone call or whatever the name of the creepy poster was.

This movie is of course a follow up to those flicks that mock on other flicks (Not another teen movie, Epic Movie, Scarry Movie, Etc) this time, mocking the big underdog of last year, "300". If Los Angeles ran out of wax last year with that film, with this one they ran out of spray paint. Those abs couldn't have been sillier. And whats up with the cheap gay jokes? I mean, yeah, every living person on earth had to know there was something else going on in Sparta with those silly-ass, rock-hard, flawless bodies, BUT, one joke I can take. Two, still funny, but no so much. Three, starts getting old. Four, not funny at all. You guys get the picture.

The only two moments in the film I considered funny where the first American Idol gag (featuring Sanjaya Malakar, yei!) and the version of Xerxes for this film. Other than that, useless gags of not so fun acting.

So, see it at your own risk, but don't say I didn't warn you. I'll give it 1 platain, just for AI. Period.


I haven't seen this movie but I really want to; the most impressive about is the very low budget, only $30,000.00 dollars ( I couldn't believe it) but they did good with that small quantitative because the movie looks with a higher budget; In the early 1970s when everyone in America was worrying about what was going on in Vietnam, the United States Army was secretly developing a way to reanimate the dead. Their intention was to have the dead fight instead of the living, but the experiments were shut down when the reanimated corpses were unable to control their hunger for human flesh. Thirty years later the army decides to reopen the project. Grover City, because of its remote location, would be the home of their main testing facilities. Without warning, the Grover City experiments go horribly wrong and the reanimated corpses go on a rampage, eating everyone in sight. With the town overtaken by zombies, a group of High School seniors take it upon themselves to fight back and find a cure for the disease.

It is intended to be the first of a trilogy of horror movies, and emulates classic examples of the genre. The film was purchased and released by Dimension Films, a division of the Weinstein Company. Release date, March 4, 2008 (DVD).

Here is the gory and creepy trailer. Check how well done it is with the mini budget:

This movie was announced around two years ago as a remake but it is not. It just has the same title "Day of the Dead" but is far from being a remake of George Romero 1986's classic. The movie is about a Colorado's city contained by the government. The people are infected with a sort of flu and taken to the hospital. Those infected people turn into zombies taking the hospital and the city. Meanwhile, the remaining survivors take cover in an underground tunnel.

This movie is more like a mutant or infested people movie instead of a zombie one. Poorly executed, bad lines, poor effects, plot holes and questionable acting. You will see all that you have seen in previews movies of this kind plus more action and a zombie upgrade (they are faster, can think, jump, etc), I felt I was watching a video game.

After all, it is an entertaining mess. I was expecting something worst, if you overlook all the bad things you will enjoy it, if not, don't see it because will suck.

2/5 platains.

Atonement, 2007

"You can only imagine the truth", what great phrase this is, and it certainly plays an interesting role in the film. This little card under the wrist of director Joe Wright is a compelling drama set up just before and during WWII, somewhere in Britain. It tells the story of sisters Cecilia and Brione, and little Brione's quest to become a part of her older sisters world, to no avail. An event occurs where Brione has decisive power on things to come, and here my friend is where things turn off for the worst, casting both sisters into paralell exile in a world torn appart by the anger of war.

James McAvoy, that actor we've seen before in Wimbledon, The Chronicles of Narnia (as the annoying Faun) and in that underlooked performance as Forest Whitakers opposite in The Last King of Scotland, didn't really get a chance to shine in this film, although his few appearances where in fact very strong, specially towards the end ("Right now I'm beign torn appart by the idea of breaking your neck right here or throwing you down the stairs..."). Kiera Knightley really has a "good"performance" here as she stars most of the film. That woman playing her sister, I really didn't feel her, as though she was actually reading the lines, more than performing them.

In technical aspects, the film is very clean. The musical score really earned every bit of the Oscar, as it was marvelous and to the point, present in almost every scene and added accents to the film that made the film just great (such as the detail of the typewriter going over the score, thats genious!). The cinamatography was excelent and the portrayal of turn of the century britain was really in the nail.

In general, I did like the plot twist at the end, however, I don't see this film as winning the Academy Award. Although it did play a front runner, as it ran (and won) the Golden Globe for Best Film, Drama. Lets wait until I see No Country, and I will fill you in for this one. Overall, i'll drop in 4 platains for this marvel of a film.


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